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It’s hard to reconcile from the warmth and safety of my home that wars across the world are ravaging life as we know it, reducing once great cities to nothing more than rubble.

Reading about this secret library in Syria brought me to tears.

Omar at the front line

                                 Omar at the front line

If you haven’t read this BBC article about “Syria’s secret library” read it.  If you don’t have time for that, scroll through the article to view the video in which Amjad gives a tour of the library.

Words really can be very powerful!

Postscript: I read that Darayya, the city in which Syria’s secret library, has now been evacuated.  Many of the books have been removed, but evidence of what was there remains.  In a short news segment in which Amjad, the young ‘librarian’ who lovingly tended the shelves of this library is interviewed, it was very moving to hear him say that he now dreams to study and become a librarian.

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