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If you’ve ever wondered which Shakespeare play you should get stuck into, wonder no more.

A quick check of this awesome Penguin graphic is bound to set you in the right direction!  With an easy to follow flowchart to help you along the way, a suggested play with a brief synopsis to double check that this is really suited to your likes awaits you on completion of the quiz!

Find the Shakespeare play for you

A definite site to share with English teachers!

With this past weekend commemorating 400 years since the death of Shakespeare, many sites are being shared.   The latest email from Awesome Stories (a fabulous site well worth exploring!) focused on William Shakespeare.  This link How to Insult Like Shakespeare really tickled my fancy as my imagination went wild thinking of students reaction to it!

Another email sent as part of VATE membership (Victorian Association for the Teaching of English – actiVATE published as VATE Education News – April 26 2016) listed a host of ideas for teaching Shakespeare in schools.  Noting Paul Kelly’s project recording poetry, they pointed to his recording of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 as well as reminding us that screenings of the Royal Shakespeare Company Live production in London on April 23 will be in Australian cinemas in May.

Other great sites worth exploring are Shakespeare’s England and Shakespeare400 so enjoy the year reveling in all that Shakespeare has to offer!

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