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Launched in June 2011, BookLikes uses a highly sensitive algorithm which considers factors such as reading preferences and social behaviour to determine book suggestions tailored to an individual’s reading habits.   Incorporating a strong social media component, users can share their bookshelves with others via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as read, review, chat and share opinions and thoughts with other book aficionados. BookLikes’s free mobile app also allows users to get information about books by just scanning a book’s ISBN with either an iPhone or Android.

If you’re not sold by my description here, check out the video which appears on the BookLikes homepage!

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‘You are what you read’ is a social networking site for books that allows you to share your five favorite books with other people in the world and socialize based purely on your bookprints. You can see the favorites books of other people including many celebrities, authors, educators and librarians.

You can also see which books have been listed and liked the most. Clicking on any book takes you to that book’s page where you read more about it, identify it as your favorite or share it with others through a variety of methods. You can also search using book titles or people’s name.

When viewing somebody’s profile, the tool also shows other people who have the same reading interests as that particular user.

Promoted by Scholastic Books, this global intitiative links to the Scholastic Teachers’ page where some nice ideas on how to promote literature with younger readers are presented.   Selecting the link  ‘Read Every Day Lead a Better Life’ takes you to the formidable world wide campaign that has been launched by Scholastic as part of its 90th anniversary celebration.  Select the ‘About’ tab on this page to read more details of the campaign.

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