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There’s nothing better than sharing a love of reading. Creating opportunities to do this can be very exciting and very contagious!

This year was the first time I’ve organized an event such as this, so I admit to lots of decisions being made on the go.   Given the experimental nature of the event, it was decided to invite teachers to participate rather than students!

So, an email was sent out a couple of months ahead of the scheduled event inviting teachers to volunteer for our inaugural Speed Book Dating event planned to be held over lunch time in our senior library. The rules were fairly simple: enthusiastically ‘sell’ your book to another so that they will want to borrow it!!  To run with the event, a minimum of ten staff would be needed.  Staff volunteering, were asked to let us know the title and author of the book they planned to ‘sell’.  To add a further dose of excitement and anticipation, the titles of participating teachers were kept under lock and key until the start of the event!

Closer to the date, details of the event were shared with participants:

  • each teacher would be seated opposite another teacher; all up we had five pairs
  • one of each pair would then have one minute to ‘sell’ (tell, convince, persuade) their selected book to the teacher seated opposite them
  • on the ‘gong’ teachers would be required to stand up and move to the next chair and then to repeat their ‘sell’
  • those listening were asked to rank the books into one of four categories: Doesn’t interest me; Sounds so-so; Good; Awesome!

Ranking Sheet

Once the first five teachers had completed their ‘sell’ the tables were turned and those teachers who had been listening/ranking were asked to ‘sell’ their book.  At the end – ranking sheets were tallied to determine which book was the most popular and won first prize!

Students and other staff were encouraged to be an audience to the teachers as they worked really hard to ‘sell’ their book.  A palpable air of excitement filled the room as teachers battled it out to win approval for their book.

This was a fabulous event which was enjoyed by both those participating and those watching.  I look forward to repeating the event with student participants.

Give it a go.  If it worked for me, it may also work for you!

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