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Look out Victoria – here comes the Stella Prize Schools Program and

….. it sounds awesome!!

Knowing that the best way to encourage students to read and develop a love of literature is by harnessing the interest, knowledge and support of teachers – Teacher Librarians and English Teachers in particular – the Stella Prize is creating a buzz with the offering of some interesting opportunities which start – TODAY!!

Hop on board and make the most of opportunities offered.  Read more on their website:

The Stella Prize

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A shortfall of female authors appearing on VCE reading lists has prompted an initiative to boost representation of women in literature across Victorian schools.

So read the opening paragraph of an article by Laura Di Blasi: Program to get Doris, Helen, Virginia, Jane and Charlotte back on reading lists  which was published in yesterday’s edition of The Age newspaper (November 17, 2014)  Noting that 70% of books on the VCE list are currently by male authors, the organizers of The Stella Prize, (named in honour of Stella “Miles” Franklin) are aiming to turn this situation around.

The Stella PrizeThe Stella Prize has launched a schools program to support women’s literature in high schools and to ensure that more female authors start to appear on the VCE text lists.  Launched in July 2014, The Stella Prize, which is currently being run as a pilot project in Victoria, offers an exciting program for Year 7-12 students:

➤ school visits by notable Australian writers, educators & publishers
➤ hands-on writing workshops
➤ teaching notes for Stella Prize shortlisted books (Years 10 to 12)
➤ resources for all secondary school levels
➤ PD for teachers and librarians

With some fabulous, award winning authors participating in this program and an intention to extend this program Australia wide, the opportunities for schools and their students are huge!

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