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A free verse novel which, although similar in style to “Love, ghosts and nose hair”, is very different in style.  The anguished story of Billy, a 16 year old who leaves school and home to escape his father’s wrath, is told through the eyes of Billy, Caitlin, a girl he befriends and Old Bill, a derelict, who Billy finds lives in the carriage next door.  Depth of characters and many social issues are explored well by Herrick in this great read!  (Shortlisted for CBC 2001 – Older readers.)

Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction: 
Person to Person
Suitable:  Year 9-12

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Alone on the road, heading to his first “teaching round” placement, James meets up a young girl who asks him for a lift.  Little did James know that his whole world was to be turned upside down.  Discovering love and what you really want to do in life unfold through Steven Herrick’s characters.   Another moving read by a great story teller.


Rating:  ***
Theme Fiction:
Person to person
Suitable: Year 10-12

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