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Just last week there was some chatter about Amazon exploring the possibility of introducing a Netflix style eBook subscription service.

Reporting in The Washington Post in an article titled: Amazon aims for book rental service ….. it was stated that:

The online retailer is reportedly thinking about making a subscription library service available to Amazon Prime members, adding book rentals to the $79 per year service that now offers online video and an unlimited deal on two-day shipping. The rental subscription, described in the report as a Netflix-like service for books, would offer older titles, and the company would limit the amount of books users could read for free every month.

In some ways, this seems like the next logical step in the availability of eBooks.  What are the implications for libraries, publishers and readers though?   Would such a service blossom?

One thing is for sure ….. we certainly live in interesting times ….. times which seem to change more rapidly by the day!

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