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Wrong boy
While trying to paint a picture of the bleak and horrific realities of the Holocaust, Zail has aimed to increase readership amongst the young adult audience likely to read this book by throwing in an unlikely ‘love story’ with characters that don’t seem wholly credible.  This tactic however, not only detracts from the novel’s main theme, but tends to ‘ease’ the horror that faced those tortured, starved, gassed and executed at the notorious concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Zail’s writing style, which tends to paint broad sweeping scenes that jump awkwardly in time, place and location, may only be best understood by those readers very familiar with historical facts of the Holocaust.  For those without this in depth knowledge, the picture created tends to be far ‘rosier’ than reality.

Rating: ***
Theme Fiction: Historical Fiction
Suitable:  Year 9-12

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