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There’s nothing like Government backing to get a job done!

That’s exactly what’s happened in South Korea.  At a cost of just $2.3 bilion, it was announced on Digital Trends last week that by the year 2015 all school textbooks will be eBooks.  Although an announcmenet is yet to be made about which make or model is to be used, it is understood that by 2015 students in all state run schools will be able to download digital textbooks on a variety of platforms – computers, smart phones and tablets.

And to set the ball rolling, it was announced by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and Technology that by 2014 the entire elementary-level educational textbooks and materials will be digitized.

Apart from re-writing the routine of school kids carrying those heavy school bags to and from school, there is bound to be a big impact on the lucrative educational publishing industry.   Anyone who has been involved with textbook selection in our high schools, will be aware that these kinds of issues have been looming on the Australian market for some years now.

Indeed ….. intereting times are ahead for us all.

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