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There’s no better way to start the new (school) year than with a bit of fun involving books and the sheer joy they can evoke!

It was in March of last year when I wrote a post: Trying to control the urge: Rainbow Bookshelf that I mentioned how I became mesmerized watching this video:

It still gives me a buzz, but then I found this new video, also created by crazedadman.  This time though, efforts have been taken to a new level by spending “sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto” with the help of “volunteer hands who shelved and reshelved books all night, every night.”

The result is very impressive!  I recommend viewing it full screen.

May we all have a fabulous year ahead where we not only enjoy books ourselves, but succeed in continuing to share our joy of all things bookish with all those around us.  Here’s hoping that the joy of reading become totally contagious!!

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