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Hands up if you remember The School Magazine of many, many years ago?

If you do, then I am sure that many fond memories of that black and white magazine read in a hard back folder as you sat crossed legged on ‘the mat’ will surface and bring a smile to your face!

The School Magazine

Back then the magazine was published to give primary school children their own free high-quality literary magazine.

My last contact with the magazine was quite some years ago when I found myself to be the delegated staff member to place orders and disseminate the magazine to various year levels throughout the school – just one of the many extra little jobs completed by the school’s sole teacher librarian.  Published in four different formats to cater to the reading needs of different ages: Countdown for 7–9 year olds, Blast Off for 9–10 year olds, Orbit for children aged 10–11 and Touchdown for those aged 11 years and up, students would eagerly await the next edition.

How great it is to see the evolution undergone by this valuable teaching resource.  The digital presence of The School Magazine is replete with lots to read and lots to learn.  The website is colourful and very appealing.

Good quality fodder for eager young readers has always been the aim of The School Magazine.  Published by the New South Wales Department of Education since 1916, the magazine is this year celebrating its centenary!  The magazine should be proud of being the longest running literary magazine for children which has touched the lives of generations of children.

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