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How often have you culled the shelves of your Library and been left with a pile of books?  While it’s always possible to find a new home for them, the idea of turning them into a creative hip design is quite a challenge.

So when I came across this cool Library Information Desk as I trawled the web recently, the creative side of me started to go wild!

Located in the TU Delft Architecture Bibliotheek, this innovative desk makes clever use of unwanted books, recycling them into a smart and appealing piece of furniture.  Evenly packed onto what seems like a wooden base, the top is finished with a clear perspex or glass giving a sophisticated finish.  The arrangementof hundreds of multi-coloured books results in a really cool circulation desk which is both appealing and functional.  

Perhaps the next time we cull books from our Library, we should put our heads together to see what other pieces of furniture we could engineer!   Maybe students in the Art Department could lend a hand!

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