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This blog has evolved into a place to post anything at all relating to books and reading, so I guess this story is as newsworthy as any other I’ve come across over the  years!

Professor Matthew Goodwin, a professor of politics, was so sure that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party would not poll 38% in the recent UK election, he tweeted that he would “happily eat” his recently released book Brexit if he was wrong.

So ….. live on Sky TV ….. this is exactly what happened!

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Love the thoughts and ideas that I come across on Twitter.

This one is gold!

Don't ask Siri.... ask a librarian

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In case you still have reservations about the power of Twitter, just consider this story!

Back in December 2008, when a man learned that his mother’s book shop was facing financial ruin, he decided to do all he could to help her.   Knowing that the book shop, Broadway Books, in Portland Oregon, was not only his mother’s pride and joy but a highly loved book shop for local residents, he took to the Blogosphere to pour out his heart.   He then tweeted a link to his post inviting readers to go buy a book from his Mom’s store.  In return he promised to buy a burrito for the first 166 people who produced a receipt proving that they’d spent $50 or more in the book shop.

The tweet went viral and traffic on the blogger’s post tripled!  Commenting on the event, ‘EVERYDAYDUDE’ said:

Twitter is the catalyst to help spread the message to so many people in a short amount of time.

Isn’t it great to know that a collective community can achieve so much.

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Just recently I wrote about my discovery of YALitChat and how cool it is to chat in live time via Twitter to other like minded souls.

So it was exciting to discover that another Twitter based chat group is about to start up.   To run every other Sunday, the UK based Federation of Children’s Book Groups, will launch a Twitter chat group on March 20th.  Using #fcbgbkgrp, the announcment on the FCBG website states that the aim of the forum is

to give librarians, teachers, bloggers and anyone else interested in children’s books the chance to talk about new releases, favourites and anything else of interest surrounding children’s books.

To be held between 8 and 9pm UK time, the local time in Melbourne may not be all that convenient, but then again a 7.00am Monday morning Twitter chat may just be the way for YA book lovers to start their week!!

Check The World Clock – Time Zone Converter to help calculate when this live Twitter chat will be held in your area. 


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Twitter is such an amazing way to communicate – a really brilliant way to share ideas and thoughts!  Although I’ve written about the the wonders of Twitter in my other blog – NovaNews: The Power of Twitter! and Twittering to my heart’s content! – I just happened upon a new discovery yesterday.

Logging into Twitter, I saw a tweet on one of the groups I follow: #yalitchat announcing that they were starting their discussion about YA Lit in just 5 minutes.  Having only recently started following this group, I had no idea what this was about.  A quick tweet asking for further details saw me join in a great conversation about YA Literature.

It’s easy once you know:

  1. log onto tweetchat.com
  2. add in the hashtag of the group you want to follow: #yalitchat
  3. sign in with your twitter name so you can participate in the conversation

Once you’ve done this, just sit back, read fast and be ready to jump into a conversation with lots of like minded people.  A really great way to share ideas, learn heaps along the way and at the same time increase your PLN.

If you’re interested, YALitChat has a chat session each week at twelve noon Thursdays – Melbourne, Australia time (check for time equivalence in your country)  A schedule of upcoming chat topics can be found on the YALitChat website.

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