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Earlier this year, I published a post about a Book Vending Machine located in a secondhand book store in Toronto and thought that was pretty cool.

They’ve been outdone, it seems, by a French publishing start-up company Short Édition which has developed a sleek cylindrical mobile dispenser which emits short stories.

Responding to the scary statistics that

  • 33% read less than they used to and
  • 72% have no time to read more – due to lack of time

the idea was developed when co founder Quentin Pleple was at a vending machine while on a break with co-workers.

The result, a beautifully simple concept – a mobile dispenser of short stories on a wide range of popular literature.  By selecing one of three buttons, users receive, at no cost, a printout of a short story of one, three or five minutes length.  Although only available in Grenoble in France at the moment, interest has been stirred worldwide for this innovative product.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see it in more places.

It would be a brilliant addition to every school in the world.

And yes, I want one for our library!

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