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For those of us old enough to remember Jimmy Durante and for those of you who’ve never heard of him, this is an absolute classic!!

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If you ever wondered how it’s done, this video is a beautiful explanation of how a book is made – the good old fashioned way!

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How cool it is to pop into a local library to borrow a book while on holiday!

The joy was made even better when I discovered that the newly installed Coogee Beach Library was just a few steps away from from the home of Sydney friends with whom I was staying over the summer holidays!

Housing more than a thousand books, the Coogee Beach Library has made a welcome addition to what is one of the most magnificent beaches in Australia.

Located on the lower beach promenade right next to the sand, the six-metre wide, freestanding timber bookshelf constructed by Council’s carpenters will stock more than 1000 fiction and non-fiction books and magazines in various languages and genres, ensuring there is something for everyone to pick up and enjoy.”  (Read more: Sydney’s First Beach Library launches in Coogee)

Coogee Beach Library

In opening this very special library, Randwick Mayor Ted Seng said:

….. if the Coogee Beach Library is able to encourage even just one child to pick up a book and discover the joy of reading, then this project will be well worth it!”

A great way to encourage reading, relaxation and enjoyment!   And a super great way to start the year rolling!

Be inspired:

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It’s hard to believe that another year has spun by so quickly!

Prior to heading off for our summer holiday break at this end of the world, I’ve collected together a huge bundle of books to read while enjoying a much needed rest.

As I reflect on the year that was and the number of times I have implored, cajoled and shared passionate words of encouragement with both students and teachers, I realize that my words can never equal the impassioned proclamation of Madison who was promoting the launch of a Little Free Library, a concept I blogged about a while ago:

So ….. with these words …. have a safe and happy holiday season ….. and don’t forget:

The world needs books! What would the world be like without books?  They fuel our mind like cars and gas.  The cars can’t go without gas.  Our brains can’t go without books.  The world needs books!  Weneedbooks!

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Here’s a challenge that’s hard not to take up!

Listen to the first one minute of this video, press stop and then answer the question: What did he say?!  Feel free to replay it with subtitles on – perhaps this will help you decipher what is being said!

This is a wonderful example of the complexity of language.  It may also be a great way to demonstrate the rewards to be gained by reading as a way of increasing vocabulary!



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As I’ve said several times on this blog, I’m overwhelmed by the inspirational use of books by artists.

The work of Mike Stilkey is no exception!  His work is bold, grand and very appealing.

Mike Stilkey

A video interview with Stilkey which appeared on a recent Collosal post is both interesting and informative.

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Finding a pile of discarded phone books gave Alex Queral the inspiration to create some amazing art work.

Carving into the phone book, literally peeling away layers of pages, his steady hand has produced countless portraits of many well known celebrities.

Mississippi Blues Man

Mississippi Blues Man

Dali Lama

Born in Havana, Cuba, Queral now lives and works in Miami Florida.   Enjoy meeting him and seeing how he creates his work in this short video:

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Made as an ad by Duncan Macleod for the New Zealand Book Council, I find this to be a really powerful way to drive home the point that no two people read the same book!

The repeated text reads:

Crossing the lamp-lit street Claire wonders why John is so desperate to receive this mysterious black case.  A passer-by takes a fleeting interest.  Claire walks on knowing tonight she can’t trust anyone. Perhaps not even John.

No two people read the same book

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I’m a passionate believer as are probably most of you reading this post!

And like you, I didn’t need to read this article or see this video to know that reading is important because as per stated in the article reading:

  • increase a child’s vocabulary
  • develops comprehension
  • inspires a love of reading

Share the video around though.  It just may convince more parents to slow down and find time to read to their kids.   Schools and teacher librarians can, after all, only do so much!

Bedtime stories


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The essence of the value of print is so beautifully captured in this video:

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