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Friday Brown
Friday Brown runs away from her grandfather’s home soon after her mother dies.   She is lost and alone when found by a boy nicknamed Silence.   Taken into his ‘home’ Friday learns to live rough with a bunch of street kids.  A power play between the leader of this motley group and  Friday has a feel of being highly contrived.  The characters in this story do not seem real.  It’s a strange novel which is a disappointment following Wakefield’s previous book “All I ever wanted” which was quite gripping.

Rating: ***
Theme Fiction: 
Person to Person
Year 10-12

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Determined to escape the poverty and crime linked to her home and family, Mim takes an oath with her best friend to stick to ‘rules’ that will deliver them a better life than those around them.  But just nine days before her 17th birthday, Mim’s life takes an unexpected turn when the parcel her Mum forces her to collect from a local drug dealer is taken from her.   This first novel, by new YA author Vikki Wakefield, is gritty and confronting. Mature themes including a near rape scene.

Rating:  *****
Theme Fiction: 
Social Problems
Suitable:   Year 10-12+

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