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Radical to say the least!   But is this the future for all of us as we kiss our books and libraries goodbye?

As I look fondly at our school library shelves, laden with books, I wonder whether they – the books – are really on a path of no return.  Will they, like the books at Wellington College in Dukes Ride, UK, be replaced by eBooks and all manner of technology?

A recent news article in getworkingham about the intention by Wellington College Library to ditch it’s paper and hardbacks in favour of eBooks certainly makes confronting reading for those of us who relish the feel, smell and look of hard copy books.   Intending to distribute handheld devices to all students so they can download books from the Internet, this new school centre will be called  “The Centre for Innovation and Resources”

With work on the development due to commence in September and completed by January 2012, we will, no doubt, be hearing more about this school in coming months.

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