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Just a few days ago, I wrote about cats in the Library.  Well…. hold  your breath!  Meet Monty, who in addition to living in a basket behind the circulation desk, will be available for loan to students at Yale University Law School!

Holding his very own catalogue entry, the description for Monty reads:
1 dog (border terrier mix) : brown hair, 21 lbs. ; 33 cm at shoulder
Notes on the catalogue entry state:
Monty circulates for 30 minute periods
Graduate of Puppy School, 2000 (with honors), Certified Therapy Dog, 2010

Intended as a proactive move by the Library to help students reduce their stress levels, Monty will be available for “check out” for 30 minutes periods in the same way that books are checked out.  Students at the Yale Law School Library have been enthusiastically signing up to check out Monty a “certified library therapy dog”.  Reported extensively on the web, abc NEWS/Health quoted the hope of law librarian, Blair Kauffman, “that the free, three-day pilot pet therapy program would be a positive addition to current services offered by the library”.

This reminds of a the wonderful maintenance worker in a school I was working in some years ago, who had a cute Jack Russell who followed him around the school as he completed his many and varied chores.  On the occasions they visited the library this cute little dog would bound in with verve and energy that never failed to evoke smiles of joy on the faces of Library patrons!

Hmmmmm….   Maybe our school library needs a four legged friend as either a resident or as an item for loan?

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